• Give us a call or email and tell us what you want and when you want it.

  • We’ll book you in.

  • We will ask for a 50% deposit before the party.

  • Two days before the event we will call you to ultimate the details. 

  • On the day of the event, our team members will arrive 5 - 10 minutes early to set up.

  • At the end of the party the remaining balance is paid by cash or cheque to our team members before they leave. 

  • Give us a call or email and tell us what kind of design you would like to get.

  • Discuss  with us time frames if you have them so we can tailor your design to fit your schedule and your budget.

  • Get yourself ready to stand for just a couple minutes while we lightly sketch the design and then you will be free to sit or lay down for the rest of the painting.

  • Belly Paintings do come with 5  quality images in digital format of the finished belly painting. We do have some mums that sometimes go on to have a photo shoot with another professional photographer for more in depth photos.

  • Once you are done enjoying your design, you can easily wash off our makeup which  is all water based and easy to remove with soap and water.



Any indoor venue that can be completely blacked out is ideal. If your party starts before sunset, you will need to make sure that your venue has at least one area that can be completely blacked out and set up with blacklights to make sure everyone glows.

You will need blacklights, they are special lights that emit safe UV light (invisible to the naked eye), while filtering out as much visible light as possible. You can hire them from a party lighting place, usually in the form of long fluorescent tubes, or LED lights. You can also buy them in the form of energy saving fluorescent party bulbs if your space is only small.